Emblem, Mascots and Theme

Emblem: The Diversified Concept designed by the Integration of modern sport competition concept and elegance, charm and attractiveness of highly value Lao Culture, Arts and History

Emblem for the 25th SEA Games is a part of graphic design to show you the most important sport competition uniqueness. It has been designed as the That Luang great stupa image, it is the symbol of Lao nation (landmark) a long  with the Mekong River, which is a river stream which is a river  for people lives that reflect to culture, lifestyle and plenty of water resource that provide for Lao ethnic people along Mekong river in the country. While the river is compared as the symbol of the integration of the Asian countries as friendship river which derive from the sport competition.

The Mascot of the 25th SEA Games in the year 2009 is white elephants with sapphire tusk which are existing animals in Laos for a long time.  Male elephant called Champa and female elephant called Champi. Both elephants dress up with beautiful Lao national clothes and being full of happy and smiling faces and eyes. This is an important part to make sport competition joyful and lively. More importantly, it is expressing warm welcome feeling of Lao PDR as the host country for the 25th SEA Games.

The games theme concept of 25th SEA Games is
“Generosity Amity Healthy Lifestyle”.
which clearly reflects the vision of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. as the host country. It would like to regionally convey the objective of the Game to veraciously create friendship. cooperation, love, happiness and equality among the people in Asean.